Monday, June 06, 2011

Harvard CS Hires (2011 Edition)

At FCRC, I'm getting asked a lot about hiring.  Our hiring season still isn't quite yet finished, but I'm going to go ahead and announce three new faculty who will be joining Harvard.  (At least, that's what they've told me!)

On the theory side, Jelani Nelson will be joining us, though in a delayed fashion, as he'll be postdoc-ing first.  I know this was reported in a comment on Lance's blog some time ago (before he formally accepted our offer, in fact), so I'm glad to be able to confirm it's correct.

Ryan Adams, who works in machine learning and computational statistics, will also be joining us, and we're thrilled to have hired someone in this increasingly key (and highly competitive) area.  Ryan was a student of David MacKay, for whom I've previously expressed worship (most recently here).

On the systems side, Eddie Kohler, well known for his work on the Click router as well as many other systems projects, will be joining us.  Non-systems people may know him as the writer of HotCRP, the best conference management software available today.  (Yes, I've said it!)

More seriously, we're very excited that all three of these outstanding researchers will be coming to Harvard, allowing us to broaden the department's scope and capabilities significantly.  While I'd like to take all the credit (and am totally fine with anyone who wants to give it to me), the real credit goes to David Parkes, who led the search committee this year, and of course all the rest of the highly overworked search committee members.  


Anonymous said...

Looks like Matt got replaced by Eddie!

Anonymous said...

who are the other theory hires this year (in other schools)?