Sunday, June 12, 2011

2012 PCs

In an effort to return to normalcy, I find myself agreeing to serve on PCs again this year.  

NSDI 2012 call for papers is up.  Dina Katabi and Steve Gribble went with the old "The PC meeting will be in Boston" ploy -- very clever, made it hard to say no.  They also politely asked that I avoid referring to them as stupid or misguided, and I'm expecting that to be an easy requirement to fulfill.  Please send interesting papers, so I have something entertaining to read.  

I will, finally, be on an ISIT PC, for ISIT 2012.  No information up yet that I know of.  But it will be held in Cambridge, MA, a little over a year from now.  So it rates to be a HUGE conference.  (ISIT is normally in the 700-800+ range, as I recall, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it hit 1000+ here.) 

For balance, it might be nice to serve on a (CS) theory PC later in the year.  (I was recently asked by one, but the timeline overlapped directly with ISIT, so I declined.)  Or not -- I'm sure I'll have papers to push around here at Harvard.       

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Kodlu said...

come on michael, you can say it, ISIT 2012 will be at *MIT*, the home of Shannon, Fano, Forney, Gallager,..., and Aaronson