Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I was asked to post the call for papers for the (renamed) Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science conference.  (I'm glad they finally changed the name -- see previous posts here and here.)

This year the conference is moving out of China, where it was well-funded and the logistics were taken care of, to the US.  I think this will be a defining year for the conference, as it tries to set out what it should be.  The question I continue to have is how it should distinguish itself from and/or relate to FOCS/STOC/SODA.  There seems to be a significant bloc in the theory community that is against making these well-established conferences any bigger; to me, this says that we don't need yet-another-conference with the same type of papers unless it's different somehow.  So submit and help decide what the identity of ITCS will be.



Anonymous said...

It's a pity no Asian PC member! Only 1 from Europe, 0 from Canada.
I thought, when ICS(ICTS) started 2 years ago, that one of the goals of the conference would be to make it more international, but we are ending up with yet another inter-US conference. A wasted opportunity for Chinese and Asian TCS community.

Anonymous said...

Does Israel belong to Europe or Asia? I do not believe it belongs to the United States.