Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dr. Georgios Zervas

Congratulations to Georgios (alternatively, Giorgos), who defended his thesis today.*  (There's still some paperwork to get in, but we drank the champagne afterward, so I'm calling it official.)  He gave a great presentation covering some of our old work (on analyzing Swoopo, and efficient keyword value computation) plus some of our work-to-be on studying Groupon.  (We've put an appetizer up on arxiv;  now that this defense is done, we can finish preparing the main course this summer.)  I hope to have the chance to swipe the slides and his jokes and give the talk myself sometime;  however, if you'd like an interesting talk on data-driven e-commerce analysis, you should of course just invite him to present it instead.

Three cheers for Dr. Georgios Zervas.  

*Giorgos is co-advised by me and John Byers.

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