Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Books Worth Looking At

New books are coming out all the time, but here are two big ones that stick out in my mind (perhaps because I've seen the authors recently). [Feel free to mention others worth noting in the comments.]

Recently available (I saw copies at FCRC) is The Design of Approximation Algorithms (Amazon link) by Williamson and Shmoys. Here's a link to the book page. (All books have web pages now, don't you know.) An up-to-the-moment books on approximation algorithms by two well-known experts.

Coming soon is The Nature of Computation (Amazon link) by Cristopher Moore and Stephen Mertens. Here's a link to the book page. About 1000 pages of introduction to computer science (with some statistical physics, and maybe some other physics, mixed in), with lots of problems. I've seen a preview of the text and it looks like an interesting read. (I'm curious if people will use it for courses -- if you have or are considering it, let me know.)

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Anonymous said...

About Williamson and Shmoys' book:

PRO: it covers very recent results.

CONs: poor logical flow, too verbose

Summary: good-to-have (free PDF download!) if you are doing research in approx algs; Vazirani's book is way better as textbook for a(n introductory) class in approx algs