Saturday, October 12, 2019

Crimson Editorial on Allston

This was the first Crimson editorial I can recall about the upcoming move computer science will be making to Allston next year. 

I'd encourage students (both undergraduate and graduate, but perhaps especially  undergraduates -- there are more of you!) to find ways to make their concerns prior to the move and eventually their issues with the Allston move heard by the powers-that-be at Harvard.  You could interpret this as cynicism that I think Harvard will mess this up significantly in various ways.  Or you could interpret this as optimism that I think that, while of course problems will arise, Harvard will work to fix them when they are brought to their attention by enough people. 

Under either interpretation, I think the students making their own voice heard will be very important to helping make this move a success. 

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Decision Out

As someone who reads a significant number of court documents and decisions (I still do expert witness work), I can recommend for your reading pleasure the very recent decision on the Harvard admissions case.  For those who want a sense of how Harvard admissions works, you will get a good summary of the information that came out during the trial.  For those who want to see a well-written court decision, in my opinion, this is a good example.  (Whether you agree with the decision or not, you should find the decision well written;  it lays out the issues and challenges in determining the decision clearly, and similarly explains the reasons for the ultimate conclusion clearly.)  And for those who care about the actual underlying issues of discrimination and affirmative action, I think the document provides a lot of food for thought, with a depth beyond what you'll see in the  news coverage.