Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comments from Jennifer Rexford

Just in case people might miss her comments, I asked Jennifer Rexford for her input on conflict of interest issues, and she added some of her thoughts to a previous post (end of comments of Part III).

Also, she pointed me to related discussions at the SIGCOMM blog.


I think it's worth pointing out -- the SIGCOMM community has a blog. And they discuss as a community issues like how conferences should be organized on it. I admit, it all seems nascent still, but interesting nonetheless.


Suresh Venkatasubramanian said...

I like the idea of having shadow PCs...

Anonymous said...

Computational Geometry community has a blog as well, http://socg-discussion.blogspot.com/. However as you see, after an initial period no new posts. Similar story (though not as bad) is with the SIGCOMM Blog - last post in November, and all together four posts at all (since September 2008).

To have a running blog you need one or more person posting some interesting texts. And the person shouldn't be too opinionated (to not hijack the blog).

http://www.cra.org/govaffairs/blog/ is a good blog though.