Friday, February 20, 2009

Other Blog Writings of Note

Just some pointers to some other stuff around the blogosphere:

If you like that kind of stuff, for the last two days (here and here) the amusing FemaleScienceProfessor had been writing about students who feel a bit more entitled than they should. My memorable story is my first week at Harvard, just before classes started, a student e-mailing to ask me if I could change the class time because it interfered with baseball practice....

I seem to have not mentioned the blog for Blown to Bits, the book co-authored by Harvard's own Harry Lewis, who is writing most of the bits for the blog. If you're interested in the computer science and society issues, it's a good place to keep track of amusing things going on. (You can also download the book under the Creative Common license.)

I'm pleased to see people pointing out the STOC 2009 papers they are interested in seeing, like Luca and Sariel and Lance.

The FOCS 2009 call is up. Can't say I get the "brief description" thing myself -- as mentioned on other blogs, in the old days, we'd call that an introduction. Maybe now PC members who only read the introductions can save themselves some bandwidth and only read the brief descriptions! (Yes, that's a joke. Well, maybe.) But don't get me wrong, I applaud experimentation in our conference processes, and hope it goes well.

Hooray for more science funding in the stimulus package. Check out what the CRA blog and the ACM blog have to say.

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