Thursday, February 19, 2009

NSDI news

NSDI 2009 will be coming up in April in Boston. (April 22-24) Since I was on the PC, I'll plan on stopping by, but the problem with the conference actually being in Boston is it provides an insufficient excuse for skipping out on all my other duties (most notably teaching class, but also tucking the kids into bed and helping with their homework).

I was reminded about the upcoming NSDI dates because the-powers-that-be just asked me to be on the PC again, for 2010. As we all know by now, I'm a sucker for conferences that use a 5-point rating scale and kick people out of the room for any passing reason -- and I enjoyed the PC for this NSDI -- and they managed to be the first 2010 conference to ask me -- so it looks like I'll be back again...

Looking back over my mail, I asked people about a year ahead of STOC 2009 to be on the PC. They're a good few months ahead of that. Psychologically, 2010 seems just so far away, how could I say no?

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