Monday, February 02, 2009

STOC PC Meeting : Interlude

First, I'd like to remind everybody that the day before STOC this year, instead of tutorials or other activities, we'll be having a special event for Les Valiant's 60th birthday on Saturday, May 30th. There will be talks by a number of people to commemorate his tremendous body of work. The organizers are currently trying to finalize arrangements so that the event is free to everyone, but if needed there might be a nominal registration fee to pay for coffee and such. Confirmed speakers include:

Jin-Yi Cai
Steve Cook
Vitaly Feldman
Mark Jerrum
Mike Kearns
Michael Rabin
Rocco Servedio
Paul Valiant
Vijay Vazirani
Avi Wigderson

We hope you will plan on attending.

Second, I sent out the accept/reject notices. Comments coming later this week.


Anonymous said...

Isn't sending the accept/reject notices and the comments separately just more work for the PC chair? Why not send them together?

Coincidentally, that will help those who get rejected get some feedback right away, rather than wait in sadness.

Michael Mitzenmacher said...

I sent accept/reject because there are many conference deadlines coming up; people need to know if their paper got accepted or if they should prepare to re-submit.

I am not sending comments because I want to give the PC members a chance to do a final editing of their reviews, including possibly adding commentary related to the discussion at the meeting.

It's not really more work. The software does it all...