Saturday, February 14, 2009

DCC 2009

The list of papers for the 2009 Data Compression Conference is available.

I haven't been to the DCC for some years. I've had some papers there, and served on the PC a few times. I remember it as a fun conference, with people from a mix of areas fairly loosely connected by the general theme of compression. It was also well organized, and pleasantly located at Snowbird, Utah, every year, so you could walk from the conference room in the hotel right out to the slopes.

I know they're very interested in papers from the "algorithmic" side of the world. With any luck, some of the projects from my graduate class this year will be on compression, and I may soon find myself with a good excuse to go again.

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Anonymous said...

A fellow researcher warned me away from DCC, saying its audience has been dwindling over the years (and not as international as one might like). Part of that is due to the timing of the conference; at that time of year, the rates aren't horrendous but the snow isn't great --- or so I hear --- so people have decided that it's just not worth a jaunt to America when they could get a better crowd and experience at ISIT. Also, I've seen things at DCC pop up a few months later at ISIT anyways, so, as someone who only has time for one conference a year, I stick to ISIT. It will be interesting to see your impressions as someone who's last gone a few years back. I know several people on the program committee, and, if I could make a second conference, in spite of the aforementioned warning, I'd make DCC.