Sunday, August 08, 2010

Papers to Teach This Year

This fall I'm again teaching my "introductory" graduate class loosely centered on the themes of big data and communications/networks, Algorithms at the End of the Wire (Computer Science 222).  [The real subtitle for the course should be "Things I'm Interested In."]  The subthemes include big graphs (PageRank, HITS, link prediction, etc.), compression, data streams/streaming algorithms, and coding.  Most of the class involves reading and discussing papers, and I try to have some fraction of them be current rather than historical.  Since it's been over a year since I last taught the course, and I'm lazy enough to wish to have other people do my work for me, I thought I'd ask for recommendations -- any good new papers to teach?

One aim of the class is to try to bridge the gap between theory and systems, so papers that fall into that area are highly desirable.  For example, this year's Best Paper at SIGCOMM, Efficient Error Estimating Coding: Feasibility and Applications, will surely be added in to this year's reading (assuming I can get a copy -- should be online at the conference site shortly).

Last year's web page is still up here, though I'll be aiming to take it down and update it this week.


Adrian Petrescu said...

I'm not sure if it's 100% the same paper you saw at the conference, but it's available on one of the author's home pages. Here's a direct link:

Dave Backus said...

You might keep up the old one, too. The history could be very interesting in time.

Anonymous said...

maybe you want to add the latest "P != NP" paper by Vinay Deolalikar?

Anonymous said...

The links to papers on your course site all give errors like this:


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