Monday, August 23, 2010

Various Quick Pointers, Redux

There were many interesting things at the CRA Snowbird conference for CS chairs (which I missed...), but I haven't heard any blog-level discussion of their call to move up the schedule for hiring (as well as related changes in procedure).  Anyhow, lots of slides from various presentations.

UC Campuses are tops in Washington Monthly rankings, which are different in substantial ways from the US News and World Report rankings...

Still time to sign up for Harvard Extension School courses for this semester;  here's the list for computer science.  Including, for example, E-210.

Dick Lipton's future book, taken from his blog, appears on Amazon (you can pre-order now!).

Nature's take on Hauser's MonkeyBusiness opens with: "When news broke last week that famed Harvard University evolutionary psychologist Marc Hauser had been investigated for scientific misconduct, it was no surprise to many in the field. Rumours had been flying for three years, ever since university officials arrived to snatch computers from Hauser's laboratory at the start of the inquiry. By the time Harvard completed its investigation in January, the gossip had become standard cocktail-hour fare at conferences."
Maybe they're right -- I'm not in his field -- but I'd never heard any sort of rumor at Harvard.  I'm clearly not getting invited to the right cocktail hours.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to register my vote for the CRA proposal to notify candidates within 60 days of the deadline whether they had made the short list. This is far superior to the current method of notifying candidates between 60 and ∞ days later. I received no communication from over 20 CS departments to which I applied.

In keeping with the anonymous comment proposal of John Sidles, I am anonymous so that I don't announce to the world that 20 CS departments thought so little of my CV that they didn't even waste 600 bytes on their email servers to tell me I was rejected. Although I believe it reflects worse on those departments than on me, others may disagree.

Anonymous said...

Dick Lipton's book is hard-cover and costs $99 !??
I like his blog and was thinking of getting the book, but at this price, forget it!