Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back from Travels

The slowdown in posting for the past month has been primarily due to travel.  For the last month, I've been in England, based primarily at the Computer Science Department at the University College London.  Thanks to my host, Brad Karp, I got funding through a Royal Academy of Engineering Distinguished Visiting Fellowship -- that's a mouthful -- to spend time working with the networks research group at UCL (and bring my family).  UCL has a strong computer science group, and a particularly strong networking group, with Brad Karp, Mark Handley, Kyle Jamieson, Damon Wischik, and others.  If you're going to or through London -- a frequent stopover flight -- you should visit there, maybe give a talk.  It's a great place, you'll definitely enjoy it. 

Hopefully they'll be some interesting products from the visit in the future.  Overall, I had a productive time, and it was nice to break out of my routine and do something different for a month's time.  (They managed to put me up walking distance from the CS building -- for most of the time, I was a two minute walk away -- so just not driving for a month was a shake-up from my status quo!)   Of course London is a wonderful city, so evenings and weekends were filled with tourist adventures.  And I can't thank Brad enough -- besides being great fun to work with, he really helped set everything up so it all went smoothly.  (As everyone from the SIGCOMM 2009 PC meeting probably recalls, Brad takes hosting duties very seriously.)

I'll probably have another post about other parts of the trip.  Twos thing I found, though, were that I didn't miss blogging so much, and that being Area Dean is indeed going to suck up large chunks of my time (well, it already is).  So when classes start, my more permanent break begins...

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