Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SOSP congratulations

One conference I've never had a paper in -- though I'd like to someday -- is SOSP, the Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, one of the flagship conferences in systems. A friend pinged me from there today, so I went to look at the program. Besides learning that Microsoft Research is dominating big systems work, I found a paper co-authored by a number of well known theorists:

Quincy: Fair Scheduling for Distributed Computing Clusters : Michael Isard (Microsoft Research), Vijayan Prabhakaran (Microsoft Research), Jon Currey (Microsoft Research), Udi Wieder (Microsoft Research), Kunal Talwar (Microsoft Research), Andrew Goldberg (Microsoft Research. (pdf)

Congrats to all the authors, and especially Udi, Kunal, and Andrew.

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