Friday, October 23, 2009

Major (and Minor) Happenings : Gu-Yeon Wei

I'm thrilled to announce that my colleague Gu-Yeon Wei, in EE here at Harvard, received tenure.

I feel this is worth a mention because:

1) Strangely, people sometimes seem to forget we have EE here are Harvard. They shouldn't. (Gu, for example, is one of the leaders of the RoboBee project, and with David Brooks in CS, has been writing a slew of papers that spans the circuits and architecture divide.)
2) Strangely, people sometimes seem to have kept the notion that Harvard EE+CS do not tenure their junior people. That's an outdated impression. Like most other universities, we aim to hire people who will eventually earn tenure.

That's the major happening of the day. The minor happening, from yesterday, was that I visited Yale and gave my talk on Open Questions in Cuckoo Hashing. I had a great day, but will pass on just one great insight : if Joan Feigenbaum recommends a restaurant, it's worth listening to. (Dinner after the talk was a true treat.)


Frisky070802 said...

Which restaurant? Inquiring alumni want to know.

Michael Mitzenmacher said...

Joan presented me with a number of great looking possibilities; I chose Ibiza, a Spanish restaurant. The whole meal was great, but it's been years since I had an authentic chocolate con churros, so that stands out in my memory.

Frisky070802 said...

Thanks :). Not familiar with it but will keep it in mind!

PS. Congrats to your colleague!