Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Harvard Classes Available Online

Thanks to the Harvard Extension School, the lectures for several more Harvard courses have been put online. My understanding is that these are classes taught at Harvard that are also given through the extension school. I suspect my course may end up here too next time it is offered.

The list of courses available right now includes:

Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization, by Gregory Nagy and Kevin McGrath
Bits, by Harry Lewis
Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Using C, PHP, and JavaScript, by David J. Malan
Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays, by Marjorie Garber
Organizational Change Management for Sustainability, by John Spengler and Leith Sharp
China : Traditions and Transformations, by Peter Bol and William Kirby
World War and Society in the Twentieth Century : World War II, by Charles S. Maier
Sets, Counting, and Probability, by Paul Bamberg
Abstract Algebra, by Benedict Gross


Elena said...

This is awesome! I wish the collection gets larger (keeping my fingers crossed for more classes of computer science).

Anonymous said...

This is cool. If you have any say in it, it would be much more useful for casual users if there were downloadable versions instead of just streaming. Podcasts even better.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post.

unfortunately your course on randomized algorithm is still unavailable

Anonymous said...

They should get Algebra 2 with prof Mazur up there too!