Friday, July 04, 2008

Zittrain on Colbert

So I'm a little late with this news (hey, I was out of the country), but Jonathan Zittrain was on Colbert plugging his book The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It. (If you Google Zittrain and Colbert, you'll find links...) It's a pretty tech-laden interview for the mainstream, in my opinion.

This is relevant (at least to me) because I've known Zittrain for years -- we interned at Microsoft at the same time back in college, and bumped into each other again at Harvard (where he was a law professor, before moving to Oxford). I'm now officially humbled -- someone I know, approximately sort-of in my field, has appeared on Colbert. (OK, I admit, I'd personally rather go on the Daily Show, but still...)

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