Monday, July 21, 2008

SWAT roundup, finally

Finally got around to putting up my slides and survey from my invited talk on open problems for deletion channels and related channels from SWAT online.

While there, Thore Husfeldt told me my idea for a "general CS book for high school students" has already been done -- in German. He gave me this link for the actual book, and another link for the notes/surveys the book was based on. Anyone know more about this project -- and if we can just translate a bunch of the chapters? (This project has not received much attention from me lately...)


Suresh Venkatasubramanian said...

That's an interesting link. Alas, I know no German :(

Anonymous said...

I'm a Master's student from Freiburg, Germany, and I know part of the project.

In Germany, every year the Federal Ministry of Education and Research sponsors a so-called "science year" with focus on a specific discipline. 2006 was the year of Computer Science (you didn't notice?) and along these lines researchers presented their topics in a manner accessible to highschool students and the public in general.

Evidently, a lot of work went into it and I was happy to see it got compiled into a book, at last.

@Michael: Did you notice that your colleague Prof. Susanne Albers wrote a chapter (39) on Online Algorithms, as well?

Best regards from Germany,

Anonymous said...

According to a Springer guy at STOC, the book is selling well (>1000 preorders) and an English translation is being seriously considered.