Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quick Notes from SWAT

1. I'm at SWAT, but don't have much conference news to report; I arrived right around lunch, and went to my room for a post-red-eye nap.

In sort-of-conference news, the hotel is great, Gothenburg is a beautiful city, the organizers seem on top of everything, and I had a very nice dinner with the PC/Steering committee folks. Topics ranged from the difficulty and cost of running a conference, to the "Bell Curve" and IQ, to why people live in Sweden but work in Denmark. And a few technical research-y ideas as well. A nice day. Boy, I hope I don't mess up my talk tomorrow.

2. A place I consult switched to a VoIP phone system requiring me to install phone software on my Mac and gave me a USB headphone set. The upside -- I can call home from Sweden on the wireless! Nice. Yes, I could also use Skype, but calling on a regular phone has its advantages. Yes, I know I'm late to join the 21st century.

3. Following the complexity blog, let me welcome Sorelle to the list of current bloggers. She's a CS theory graduate student who's just started!

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