Saturday, June 09, 2007

CCC Talks at FCRC

I want to encourage everyone at FCRC to go to Christos Papadimitriou's talk on the Algorithmic Lens (Monday, 6-7 pm), one of the five talks being given under the auspices of the new Computing Community Consortium (CCC). The SIGACT Funding Committee helped arrange two workshops in the last year on this general theme; there is promise that there will be a related major NSF initiative in the near future, which (hopefully) will yield more money for research in theoretical computer science.

Personally, I like the phrase the algorithmic lens. Let's all start using it whenever and wherever possible and see if we can get scientists in other fields to adopt it too. Maybe people will start using the word algorithm everywhere, which can only be good for theoretical CS.

Since this blog covers the intersection of theory and networking, I would be remiss to not also promote Scott Shenker's CCC talk on GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovations (Thursday, same awkward 6-7 pm). There should be opportunities for interesting research (and funding) for theorists embedded in the GENI project as well...

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Anonymous said...

There don't seem to be videos of these talks online (or of the FCRC plenary talks). Are there any? If not, what a shame. With <$500 DV recorders and YouTube, making these available to the whole world could hardly be easier. I was at FCRC, but couldn't make it to all of the talks. How many other people couldn't make it to San Diego? The slides unfortunately do a poor job of telling the story. I want some Papadimitriou!