Friday, June 22, 2007

CCC Update and Funding Opportunity

The Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science (or CATCS, a commitee under SIGACT) is trying to spread the word about a new proposal of the CRA Computing Community Consortium (CCC). The proposal is designed to provide seed funding for new visions in computer science, with the goal of developing NSF programs to support these visions.

This may sound rather grandiose, but there's clearly room for theory to contribute. CATCS has been putting a lot of effort into providing vision for the Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) program that will be beginning soon, as well as trying to inject more theory vision into the GENI program (as in this report). As individuals and as a community, we have to make an effort to promote theoretical computer science, especially in the early stages when NSF programs are being developed. Funding apprarently begins with having your vision understood and accepted.

If you have a vision idea, please apply. If you're concerned about doing it on your own, contact a CATCS member, and we'll see if we can help get a group together, or otherwise assist in organizing a larger effort. There's an (out-of-date) list of members here, but you can always mail me if you like, and I'll pass things on.

This effort is a further sign that the CCC train is moving full steam ahead. Theory should be hopping on for the ride, and making sure we don't get left at the station. Since I know nothing about trains, I'll stop the metaphor there.

Finally, I have been informed that the slides from the CCC talks at FCRC are on-line. Enjoy!

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