Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Starting to Blog

I've threatened for some time to start blogging. I think, now, over the lazy days of summer, is the time to try. Please comment, send feedback, and give me time to make some mistakes.


Andy D said...

Hi Michae1!

Speaking from a theory perspective, one valuable thing you could do here would be to cull from the daunting expanse of networking theory some easy-to-state, mathematically precise puzzles/questions that capture the flavor of the discipline.
They wouldn't have to be easy to solve, but should perhaps maximize the ratio of problem solving opportunities to technical overhead.

Anyway, that's just my own biased coin... good luck with your blog!

Michael Mitzenmacher said...


As a starting point, could I suggest you check out the report
Towards a Theory of Networked Computing
? It's a very high-level overview, but it contains a lot of good open questions to think about.

I'll definitely try as part of the blog to point to good networking questions for theoreticians. But often the best problems won't come neatly wrapped as mathematically precise puzzles -- or if they do come that way, it means they've already been solved!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I understand your caveat.