Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Visiting UC Davis

Before returning home last week I spent a day at UC Davis giving a talk.  I got the spend the day talking to various people I've collaborated with there (like Raissa D'Souza, Nina Amenta, and John Owens), and enjoyed getting to see and talk with Charles (Chip) Martel, who when he's not busy as a computer science professor is busy being a world championship bridge player.  I spent several nights up late last month watching him play (via bridge's version of an Internet broadcast) online in the world championships in Bali. 

The big news was that Davis looks to be hiring this year, and one of the areas might be some variation of "big data", with theoretical types definitely included that category.  Davis is nicely located about an hour's drive north of Berkeley (in reasonable traffic), and enjoys standard California amenities.  (The day there was filled with ridiculously nice weather and excellent food.)  If you're job searching, you should look for their job announcement.

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