Sunday, October 20, 2013

NSF Coming Back Online

I was impressed how quickly the NSF got Fastlane back online.  (I think it was turned on a few hours after the shutdown was ended.)  But like many people, I'm awaiting to hear how the missed deadlines (or upcoming deadlines) will be manged.  I haven't seen word on that on the web site, but looking online I found this article.  It suggests that "BFA will establish and publish on the NSF website within one week agency-wide policies for proposal deadline extensions and other grant-related actions."  (I am not sure what the BFA is.)  That pretty much matches my expectations.  I can imagine it's very difficult catching up after being shut out of your office for two weeks, especially when having to deal with the concerns of hundreds/thousands of scientists who want to find out what's going on.  I'm not at all surprised that they have to take several days to figure out what the best way forward is.  Heck, it probably will take several days just to catch up with the weeks of e-mail and other paperwork. 

I think the article is encouraging patience on our part.  If you're awaiting word, just check into the NSF web site this week.  If you see or hear anything important, try to help spread the word.  The NSF has, in my experience, been very reasonable about dealing with things, and I'm sure they're working to figure out a way forward that is effective and fair to the people waiting to turn in proposals or otherwise participate in NSF activities.

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From the NSF website:

BFA: Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management