Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things Worth Reading

A blog post describing the disturbing official version of the facts in the UC-Davis pepper spray incident.  This should be a link to the actual report.    

A post by an undergraduate discussing the importance of math/algorithms in computer science in a creative writing sort of way.  But the most interesting things are the comments, which seem split between those agreeing that such conceptual skills are important, and others who seem to say the real skills are in running the business and hiring the people with these skills.  

At Freedom to Tinker, Andrew Appel discusses ACM/IEEE copyright policies and what to do about them here, here, and here (with more to come). 

Lots of other people besides me are "uncomfortable" with the new gmail interaface.  Here's one site for people to moan and complain;  I've seen others. 

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