Friday, April 13, 2012

In the News this Week...

Our large data sets work on MIC is discussed in Nature Biotechnology.  (Funnily, none of the us authors of the paper knew this was coming out.  One of us heard from a colleague that it was there.)  I'm unused to this format where other people discuss your work openly and without your explicit participation.  It's a different culture.  I've heard people call for this style for various online publishing systems -- allowing comments and discussions to follow papers -- and I can see how new social norms might have to be established in various scientific subdisciplines to handle this type of scientific discourse.       

Also, our Groupon-Yelp work is mentioned in Huffington Post.  And, perhaps more importantly, ycombinator.  According to Blogger's stats the ycombinator link sent many many thousands of page views over to Giorgos's post here from two weeks ago, which is a large multiple over the usual traffic.

Late entry:  the great growth of Harvard CS is lauded in this Crimson article from today.

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