Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Conference heads-ups

Following the trend, a reminder that the FOCS 2008 hotel/pre-registration deadline is October 3.

On the STOC 2009 side, some announcements:
1) Submission date is Nov 17, BUT abstracts will be due Nov 10 -- following the same sort of procedure used for SODA. Spread the word, more info on the Web site shortly.
2) Accept/reject decisions should be out February 6, in response to those who have asked me. (It seems like every other conference in the rough vicinity will have paper deadlines the following week!)
3) The day before the conference is shaping up to be an event, about which I'll hopefully have more news for shortly.
4) It's looking like EasyChair will be the submission/review system. The risks of self-hosting just seems too severe at this point...

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Anonymous said...

When can we start submitting?