Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy October (and November, and...)

I'm expecting a "blog slowdown" over the next few weeks, as life is busy.

I'm on the NSDI program committee, and we recently got our review assignments. There's an unfortunate overlap between this reviewing cycle and the STOC deadline/paper assignments but I'm hoping that won't be too problematic. (I got asked to be on NSDI before being asked to do STOC. And Jennifer Rexford asked, and as I'm a fan of Jennifer Rexford's work, it pushed me to say yes.) In other PC news, I was asked to be on the SIGCOMM 2009 committee, and again, just couldn't find a way to say no. I'll be finding it easier to turn down PCs the rest of the year...

A case I'm serving as an expert witness on is now in trial. That will take up significant time over the next few weeks. On the positive side, the trial is here in Boston, so I'm not traveling somewhere for it.

I'm scheduled to be at an IPAM workshop in a few weeks, and still have to prepare the talk.

Those NSF deadlines are looming large.

A few papers are in various stages in the journal process (either getting ready for submission, or revising based on reviewer comments). I'd like to get those off the stack.

Overall, it's all good and fun. Well, maybe not the NSF proposal(s), those are always hard to describe as fun. But it is busy. So I think blog posting will be more sporadic than usual.

Guest posters are always welcome....

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Unknown said...

Do report from the IPAM workshop. I helped organize it and yet cannot attend (!?!). I'd love to hear if it is achieving our goals.