Sunday, April 20, 2008

DF Splash

I haven't had any official connection to Digital Fountain for some time, but I do still (I think) own an epsilon fraction of stock, so I check in the website every now and again to see what they're up to.

They have a web site for a beta/demo for their new "TV-Quality Streaming Video CDN" product, DF Splash. If any one or ones would care to review it -- in the comments, or as a guest post -- let me know. I'm curious what people think. I'd review it, but I'm swamped (CDI proposal due!), and I'd actually rather hear what other people think, if anyone is willing.

I watch far, far too much TV. I've been pretty unimpressed generally with the TV on the Internet experience -- I haven't gotten into YouTube -- but I have been enjoying I'm trying to use it to catch stray episodes I've missed on shows I watch (or watched) regularly -- instead of, say, staying up late hours to have my own mini-marathons of Bewitched.


Anonymous said...

I've been following DF for some time. I'm impressed with the product quality DF is offering. I first found out about Splash off the following link:
Watch it, you'll like it. I think this company will do just great, and so will your epsilon of stock options.

Anonymous said...

The player requires an installation and people are lazy. Such ideas just do not scale well. Look at what happened to Joost.