Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barbara Grosz now Dean of Radcliffe

Barbara Grosz was officially appointed dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Barbara had previously been the dean of science for Radcliffe and took over as Interim Dean of the Institute when Drew Faust was made President of Harvard.

For those who don't know Barbara, she's known for her work in AI, and has been a professor at Harvard since 1986. I took her class and TA'ed for her as an undergraduate. I'm excited this has been made official, because I was getting tired of using the word "interim" whenever discussing Barbara's status.

Harvard computer science continues its tradition of being quite "outgoing". Harry Lewis was Dean of Harvard College, Mike Smith is currently Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and now Barbara Grosz is Dean of Radcliffe. Per capita, we're well above average in Dean-ness. The joke around the department is once you get tenure you have to watch your back, or someone might make you Dean of something....

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Anonymous said...

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences did send a notice to alumni asking for nominations.