Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Allston : Students Should Speak Up

I have had (as is pretty usual for me) some number of lunches with students this semester, and many of them asked me about the Computer Science move to Allston.  A lot of times, these questions are concerns:  what food will we have there, how frequently will buses run, what sort of space will there be for students to hang out/study etc., what all will be over there?

These are good questions.  I don't know the answers, I think a lot is still being worked out or decided.  I realize that's not a great response. 

I've started encouraging students to start asking these questions, more directly, to the powers that be.  Specifically, I've suggested to the small number of undergrads I've been lunching with that they should start sending e-mails to the powers that be, asking whatever questions they have, and expressing their concerns.  If you have questions, or wishes, regarding the food, safety, transportation, etc. at the new Allston building, you should ask or let your desires be known.  And, I'll be frank here, you should not (just) let the faculty know -- we're at best an indirect channel to the powers, and they may listen to all of you more than they listen to us.  Contact the powers directly.

(Graduate students too.)

It might be more impactful if students organize to make their questions and/or wishes known.  Or not.  That's up to you really.  But if you want Allston to be successful from where you stand, now is a pretty good time to get involved, before we all start over there next fall.  For Allston to be the academic home you want, you may have to speak up. 

I realize undergrads might not know who are the powers that be that they should contact.  So I'll provide a starting list:

Frank Doyle, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Claudine Gay, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Alan Garber, Provost
Rakesh Khurana, Dean of Harvard College
Amanda Claybaugh, Dean of Undergraduate Education

And finally, yes, of course it's a Buffy (well, Angel) reference

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