Monday, November 24, 2014

More Good News, Eddie Kohler Edition

Continuing the good news at Harvard, word has been given that Eddie Kohler has officially been offered tenure.  So we hope/expect/are excited about keeping Eddie here for decades to come.  

Eddie's contributions to computer science are well known -- he recently won the SIGOPS Mark Weiser award --  but perhaps less well known and appreciated are his contributions here at Harvard.  I can't imagine how we were surviving before he got here; he enriches the place constantly through teaching, tools, insights, questions, and countless other ways.  It's great news for us here at Harvard. 

Congratulations to Eddie. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of the very few (only?) persons who had tenure, gave it up, and worked towards tenure again. Congratulations Eddie (and Harvard)! One can now hope that he will edit his page to remove the "I'm an ass. professor ..." :-)

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why it is time for Eddie to move on from Harvard, where he will now be full professor, to another place where he can still put the "I'm an ass. professor..." on his page! Come on over, Eddie, we're hiring!