Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hashing Summer School

Back in July I took part in the Hashing Summer School in Copenhagen.  This was nominally set up by me, Rasmus Pagh, and Mikkel Thorup, though Mikkel was really the host organizer that put it all together.

The course materials are all online here.  One thing that was a bit different is that it wasn't just lectures -- we really did make more of a "summer school" by putting together a lot of (optional) exercises, and leaving time for people to work through some of them in teams.  I am hoping the result is a really nice resource.  There are lectures with the video online, and also the slides and exercises.  Students could go through whatever parts they like on their own, or people might find the material useful in preparing their own lectures when teaching graduate-level topics in hashing.  

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