Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sleeping in Seattle

Unless I'm asked not to, I'll try to live-blog a bit over the next few days from the Microsoft Faculty Summit.  It's my first time to this event.  I understand Bill Gates will give some sort of keynote tomorrow morning, and there are plenty of other interesting speakers, so I expect there will be stuff worth writing about.

I'll be going to present our work Justin Thaler's work (with others) on verification for cloud computing, on a panel covering recent verification work with Michael Walfish and Bryan Parno.  (Monday morning!  Please come by!)   I had suggested they'd be better off having Justin present rather than me, but something was muttered about a faculty summit being for "faculty", so I agreed to go.  I feel like Justin's work deserves the attention.  

I've managed to plan appropriately and have various theses and proposals to read and review on the long plane flight.  Indeed, I probably would have said no to these requests if I hadn't had a plane flight scheduled.  I don't write very well on flights, but reading is manageable (and even desirable, so I don't start mentally going "Are we there yet?" every few minutes, like my kids do verbally).  So I'll have something to do besides watching TV or a movie for six hours.  I do expect I'll be trying to say "no" to such requests more this year, so the flight gives me a chance to feel virtuous for hopefully at least a semester. 

If you're there, and you see me, please feel free to say hi.

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