Monday, November 19, 2012

Computer Science Rhodes Scholar

A question we tend to get at Harvard is why students should come here to study computer science.  There are lots of reasons, of course, but one thing we like to emphasize it that it's possible to study computer science here but be a more "well-rounded" person than perhaps at some other places.

So I'm happy to provide the example of Aidan C. de B. Daly, a computer science concentrator who just won a Rhodes fellowship.  Congrats (to him and all the winners -- see their bios here.)


Arka Bhattacharya said...

It is a great thing to see such students of highest calibre receive this prestigious honour. Congos and Kudos to them. Hope they may contribute to humanity at large and have awesome careers ahead.

Lance Fortnow said...

Georgia Tech also has a CS Rhodes Scholar Joy Buolamwini. I guess you can get that "well-rounded" experience outside of Harvard.

Geoff Knauth said...

Awesome, awesome!