Sunday, September 16, 2012

Student Bragging....

Always worth bragging about my students...

Justin Thaler's paper "Cache-Oblivious Dictionaries and Multimaps with Negligible Failure Probability" (with me, Michael Goodrich, Dan Hirschberg) was accepted to TAPAS 2000 (now called MedAlg 2012 (link to the new site), after a conference renaming).  So he's won an all-expense paid trip (well, paid for by my grants) to Israel.  He'll be amortizing the trip by giving a few other talks while he's there, so look out for him in December.

Recently graduated Zhenming Liu had his paper with Sharon Goldberg on "The diffusion of networking technologies" accepted to SODA 2013.  It's a very interesting variation on diffusion by social spreading phenomenon, asking what happens when the issue determining whether you adopt a new technology is not how many of your neighbors are using it, but how many users you can reach (in your connected component) are using it.

And Giorgos Zervas (postdoc) has his paper "An Economic Analysis of User-Privacy Options in Ad-Supported Services" (with me and Joan Feigenbaum) accepted to WINE 2012.  We were looking at when ad-supported services could be economically motivated to offer stronger privacy options (e.g., no targeted ads) that earn them less per user, either because it would encourage more users to join or because of competition.

Sadly, the only recent rejection is my own SODA submission -- which was rightly sent back to me, but that's the subject of another post.

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