Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Good Problem to Have

Last year's enrollment for CS 124 was 53.  So far, current enrollment for this year:  119. 

I imagine a few are still just taking a look and might drop.  But a doubling is looking possible.

This would be the largest CS 124 class since I started teaching it in 1999. 


Claire Mathieu said...

The corresponding course at Brown went from 54 to 110 (with a gap year), so you're doing much better than me!

Harry Lewis said...

That would be far the biggest enrollment ever in that course -- just checked my records from the years I taught it, first as AM 119 and then under its current number.

Anonymous said...

I hope to become a software engineer in the near future, and have been surprised at the unanimity with which people I know in the industry disregard the importance of a solid background in algorithms.

The people I'm talking about are senior engineers at companies like Google and Akamai, who I would expect to be near the top of their profession.

Do you have a sense of how useful it is for software engineers to have gone through a class like this?

The more valued skills seem to be the ability to write clear code with short methods and exhaustive unit tests. That is, software crafting rather than computer science.