Saturday, October 01, 2011

New York Times

Our work on daily deals is mentioned and linked to in Sunday's New York Times (front page).  (John Byers even got a quote in!)  It was also mentioned in this week's print edition of Time magazine.  (Behind a paywall, so here's a jpeg.) 

Sadly, the name Mitzenmacher doesn't appear on these items.  ("...researchers from Boston University and Harvard..." seems to be a common phrase), so I continue to toil happily in relative obscurity.

My brother points out that this is all just an example of why print media is disappearing.  He says most anyone who might have seriously cared about our work would have heard about it two weeks ago on the Internet.  The print media is just getting to it now?   They're two weeks behind.  


Anonymous said...

Speaking of toiling in obscurity, all I get is "my brother"?

I would hope for something a bit more compelling, such as "A much maligned former Yahoo executive."

Suresh Venkatasubramanian said...

I find that as soon as the NYT identifies a trend, it's over. Or that any reasonably savvy tech person has heard of it a year ago. two weeks isn't that bad :)