Monday, August 10, 2009

SiGCOMM Papers Are Up

The SIGCOMM conference takes place next week, and if you want to look at the papers, here they are, nicely available online.

Since I was on the PC, it might be impolitic to provide detailed comments, but here's a few thoughts. First, the key words for this year's conference seem to be "Data Center". There are a lot -- a LOT -- of data center papers. I leave the implications for next year's submission strategy to you. Second, I feel scooped by the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison group for their PLUG paper, on how to implement flexible high-speed lookup modules in hardware. It's an idea I've been batting about for a while, but the devil is in the details of the implementation. Congrats on the paper! Third, congrats to Matt Welsh (of Harvard) for his paper on "White Space Networking".

Sadly, I won't be going... while I love the city of Barcelona, it seemed like a ways to go given that I've already read most of the papers. Perhaps it was a trip I should have made and brought the family along. Especially since next year's SIGCOMM is in New Delhi, which makes traveling to Barcelona seem easy by comparison.


Anonymous said...

The PLUG paper seems one of the best this year.

It also seems to be Cristian Estan's swan song as a professor since he apparently quit academia:

indian said...

Prof. Mitzenmacher,

I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on a variety of topics.

Just a small nit about the post: Dehli is spelt Delhi. Just my tiny contribution to stem the deluge of misspellings (Ghandi, which should actually be Gandhi, is another).

Michael Mitzenmacher said...

indian --

Thanks for the correction (fixed now). I'm embarassed and will use the excuse of a tired typo to save face.