Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Self-Advertising : Talks and Such

I'll be on my annual summer pilgrimage to California this week. In case you're in town with nothing to do, I'll be giving a "practice talk" for my invited ESA talk:

Some Open Problems in Cuckoo Hashing

this Thursday at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley (10:30 am), and Tuesday July 14 at Stanford (4:00 pm).

On Monday July 13 I'll be at Google. giving a different talk, on the PODS paper An Efficient Rigorous Approach for Identifying Statistically Significant Frequent Itemsets, by Kirsch, Mitzenmacher, Pietracaprina, Pucci, Upfal, and Vandin. See the previous blog post here.

If you're around please feel free to come to a talk. (At Google and Microsoft, if you're not an employee, I'm not sure how you get in the door, but I'm sure you can find a way...) Or if you're already at one of these places and want to see me, please try to get on the schedule.

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