Friday, March 06, 2009

STOC Registration server up

I'm told you can now register for STOC 2009. Please sign up! (Early date is April 28.)

Other STOC work behind the scenes at this point involves getting the ancillary stuff ready for the publisher (not a particularly pleasant part of the job) -- including the paper schedule. I hope to have a preliminary schedule up next week (or the week after) to help people plan their trips.


David Chen said...


I'm an undergraduate student interested in attending STOC, but the cost of registration is still too high for me. However, I live in the area of the conference. If I do not need hotel reservations, will it be possible to register for cheaper?

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I regret that the registration cannot be reduced due to the fact that you won't need a hotel stay. However, if you think you may be eligible, I encourage you to apply for student travel support: see here. This is of course not a guarantee, since this support-scheme will likely get many applicants. Good luck, and hope you will attend the conference!

Best wishes,
Aravind Srinivasan

Anonymous said...

It's pretty creepy that STOC can't let undergraduates, who do not have any funds for reimbursement, attend for free. Obviously, students in the area can generally drop in and no one checks the registration. You really want interested *students* to pay out of pocket for their own registration?!

Anonymous said...

Anon -- have the courage to post non-anonymously if you want your criticism taken seriously. I didn't say we want students to (necessarily) pay out of pocket -- indeed, I pointed David Chen to the travel-support site.

I won't respond to further anonymous criticism.

Aravind Srinivasan