Thursday, March 19, 2009

NSF Recovery Act

It's a good time to have proposals pending at the NSF. On the other hand, I suppose it will just be even more depressing for those who don't get funded this round.

There's also a chance your previously rejected proposals will get funded!

NSF also will consider proposals declined on or after October 1, 2008. The reversal of the decision to decline must be based on both the high quality of the reviews received on the initial submission and the lack of available funding at the time the original decision was made. The cognizant program officer will contact the institution when a reversal is being considered by NSF. Specific procedural information regarding this new process is available on the NSF Recovery website.
Anyone have any additional information to share on how (besides waiting) someone can get a rejected proposal reversed?


Matt Welsh said...

There's an "undo rejection" button on Fastlane now. Just click that and you'll get funded!

Michael Mitzenmacher said...

Darn you Matt, I spent all morning looking for that button....