Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Week, Allerton

The 46th Annual Allerton Conference is this week. The program (not as easily accessible as it should be) is here. I'll be going, but sadly, it will just be a 1-day drop-in to give my talks. Travel is a bit of a luxury, with the new baby and all.

I wasn't sure if I was going to go to Allerton this year. While I enjoy the conference, I have had growing concerns that because many talks/papers are invited and their proceedings aren't widely distributed that the papers I present there aren't as noticed as they would be otherwise. They've alleviated that concern somewhat by having the papers now available on the IEEE online system. At least I know if anyone tries to find the paper, the official copy will be available somewhere (besides my home page). Hopefully the old Allerton proceedings will go online at some point too.

The other motivation for going to Allerton this year was that it forced me to get some things done. Between the faculty search last spring and the offspring this summer, it's been a bit difficult to complete some of my research tasks. There's nothing like promising to have a paper in on a certain date - a non-artificial deadline -- to get things to some sort of stable state.

I'll hopefully have posts up later this week about the new papers.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

FYI -- Allerton folks have uploaded all the previous papers online -- See

I was really glad to see that myself since I was always pained by the fact that Allerton papers are never accessible to outside people.