Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's Up, Digital Fountain?

Every now and again, I get asked about Digital Fountain, the startup that initially grew out of work I was involved with on Tornado codes, a flavor of low-density parity-check codes. (The current codes being used are apparently based on Amin Shokrollahi's improved variant, Raptor codes -- the page has a link to the Trans. on Inf. Theory paper.) Unfortunately, I've been disconnected from Digital Fountain since the tech bust of 2000 or so, so I'm no longer privy to their internal workings. But the company indeed lives on. Every once in a while, I check for news, and I recently saw this positive piece on ZDNet, complete with a recent talk/demo from the fall Demo conference. Digital Fountain is making a push to get into IPTV.

So maybe someday I'll be watching IPTV using a Digital-Fountain enabled product.

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