Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How Much Does a Graduate Student Cost When Teaching?

Continuing my last question, what other support for graduate students (on the Ph.D. track) do you have? The main two I can think of are the following:
  1. Does the department provide funding for incoming graduate students for some period? For example, do all first years get funded by the department automatically? Are there requirements for this funding (such as they have to teach one semester)?
  2. What department support to students get if they take on a Teaching Assistant role during the semester? Does it cover tuition/stipend for the semester? If not, what fraction?
And there's still time to answer the previous question -- what's the annual cost of a graduate student (tuition+stipend+overhead).

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asarwate said...

At Berkeley, as you probably know, not all incoming students are funded, and I know some students who had TA-ships that covered "in state tuition only" for their first year, which meant they had to pay the difference until they established residency (or get an RA-ship on top of the TA-ship).

Policies vary by department within the university, even, of course.

Some states do not even allow you to get residency ever as a grad student. I know someone in a humanities department at a public university in the midwest who has a TA and tuition waiver but no stipend, and another who could get a tuition waiver but not a FEE waiver, so that health insurance, etc. is not covered from TA-ing.